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Simplified Nutrition was created to help you find joy in your nutrition journey. I want to meet you where you are and help you simplify what you fill your plate with at each meal. We will work as a team to create the best habits to implement for your lifestyle.

My name is Tori Ruckman and I have a slight obsession with food, fitness, coffee, the beach and our two pups. I am currently pursuing my Master's of Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and hold my ISSA Sports Nutrition Certification. My dream is to be able to help others find the happiness I feel with nutrition!

Nutrition became a huge part of my life when I started focusing on my performance in the gym, noticing that I was not eating enough to fuel properly during my workouts. In addition, I was diagnosed with endometriosis that even after surgery left me in a lot of pain when working out. I did my research and decided to handle my endometriosis pain holistically through food. From this I realized I had a passion to help others with their nutrition goals and teaching basic tips to help in their day-to-day eating.

I offer a free 10-15 minute chat to kind of see where you are and figure out what service might work best for you. I want to hear a little about where you are in your nutrition journey and what your goals are. From there, I hope to team up with you to help you reach your goals. I offer a 60-minute consult where we can focus on some areas of need or I offer 1:1 customized coaching (3-month commitment).

I want to help you simply nutrition, plus make sure you are fueling properly to reach your goals and eat for your lifestyle. Let's find your nutrition joy! :)


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